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    How to Get a Good Guest Blogger for Your Site

    You should know by now that guest posting is a pretty good way to get your site better ranked on Google, build business relationships, and bring new life to your blog or site. The benefits of guest blogging, when it’s done properly, are well documented and it can be a great two-way relationships. There’s just one problem: how do you get those guest bloggers to come to you without having to pay them a ton of money?

    Promote the Post

    You want to do that anyway;

    there’s no point in having a post and not telling anyone. But make sure you tell your would-be guest blogger that. Every writer on the planet enjoys seeing their work spread across the infosphere, particularly if you have a lot of followers yourself. You can also promote their next blog post on their site as well, promoting their work, their profession and their site. It’s free and very flattering. And make sure you’re giving credit for the work; many writers just don’t get that from their clients and it’s an extra perk.

    Free SEO Tips

    If you’re skilled in search engine optimization, you can offer to do an audit of a blogger’s site in return for a post. Many bloggers are happy to get useful advice, but make sure you tread lightly. Writers and bloggers can be sensitive and will become offended if you dish out your advice in a manner that is too heavy-handed or seem as irritating.

    Become a Connection

    You’ve probably been compiling lists of potential guest bloggers to connect with and blogs that are accepting posts. Give that information to bloggers in return for a blog. Plenty of writers now are trying to break into guest posting and this information will give them a ton of advance information they can use. They get a new relationship and more work and you get a great guest post.

    Post for Post

    If you can pull it off, try offering your guest blogger a post in your corporate blog or offer a link back from a high profile post. You could write a top 10 list for the niche that your guest poster works in or do a review of that blogger (favorable of course)

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    and get control of the content. Either way, your blogger will be happy to see their name being spread across the world.

    Offer to Fix the Site Up a Little

    Bloggers…. Aren’t website creators, sadly. (usually). This means that even the best blogger will have bugs in the system such as broken links. Instead of asking for a link in return for fixing a broken link, ask for a guest post and then in return, fix up the busted bits in the site. The blogger will be happy and you’ll be happy.

    Interview Opportunities

    Bloggers don’t know this, but people who are considered leaders in an industry love interviews. They get an ego boost and get to show of. But many bloggers are too nervous or intimidated

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    to approach them, so if you’re looking to entice a blogger, do it for them. Find someone who is considered a

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    leader in the industry your writer works in and ask them for an interview, then use that interview as a carrot to get your blogger. Blogger gets a great piece and some education for himself, you get a high quality blog and the leader gets an ego boost: win-win-win.

    Offer to Host Their Domain

    Self hosting has fantastic benefits, but many bloggers don’t realize that. Offer to host their domain for the blogger (using their original name of course) and watch your writer fall over himself in glee and ready to write a guest post for you. It’s cheap to host a blog for you and pays out in all sorts of dividends for everyone.

    Match a Donation

    Bloggers who are socially conscious are always happy to have a donation matched for them. You can match a charity that is related to the field or you can match the blogger’s own charity choices. Either way, you get the a fuzzy warm feeling and your blogger will have a hard time turning you down. After all, it’s for charity!

    Give a Free Product Sample

    If you work with products, you can give your blogger a freebie in exchange for a guest post. They shouldn’t be expensive products obviously-something like a t-shirt, ball cap or coffee mug-but they can be a nice perk in return for a good post.

    Offer a Personal Gift

    Is it a little grey? Well, maybe, but offering a personal gift not only shows a fantastic thank-you, but also shows that you looked and studied their blog, you didn’t send a generic request for a post. The personal nature of the gift will also mean a lot to the writer, even if you didn’t spend much money on it.

    Finding the right guest blogger who is worth your while and can actually help your site will take a bit of creativity on your part. It’s not fair to ask guest bloggers to just write a post for you for nothing and no blogger worth his salt would go for that anyway. But you don’t have to pay a ton of cash for your post either. Offering opportunities, social advances, or a little gift or freebie are all great ways to give your appreciation to your blogger and build a great relationship between yourself and the writer.

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